Olive Surf is a sustainable lifestyle brand centered around a love for the sea. We are focused on artistry and flattering designs for all body types. Olive Surf’s mission is to create eco-friendly, timeless, coastal fashion. All of the brands patterns are hand painted by artist and founder, Olivia, who finds inspiration while traveling seashores and landscapes of the world. Olive Surf is commited to using the most earth conscious materials, throughout the entire design, development and production process. We strive to be gracefull, timeless and responsible. 

An Ode to Women

Third Street Beach, Bethany Beach, DE

I grew up with my toes in the sand, breathing in the salt air, collecting sea glass. Surrounded by strong women who loved to laugh and dive into the waves. 
They were not afraid and didn’t worry about what people thought.  They loved to dance. They grew old gracefully….
We called them the women of 3rd Street.
One summer evening at sunset, as the chill of dusk floats off the ocean, I smile and snuggle deeper into my cozy sweater. 
I catch my mom’s eye and she lifts her stemless glass, filled with pinot grigio, in my direction. I push my toes deeper into the sand.
I watch a wave form to a crest and crash in the corner of my eye. I have an idea. A bikini line. One that my mom and I create, together inspired by these wonderful memories and women in our lives. I grab my sketch book and start brainstorming ideas. 

Olivia's Story

As an established fine artist, Olivias talents lend themselves to oil paintings, sculpture, graphic design and fashion. Olivias belief in the healing energy of the ocean and its power to inspire was the creative force behind Olive Surf. After studying art and design in the South of France as well as Parsons, in New York City, Olivia found herself back at her roots. Merging worldly travels with her craft, she is commited to bringing coastal fashion to the like minded consumer.

Ellen's Story

Ellen began her career as an oncology nurse at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York City before moving the suburbs to work at Hackensack University Medical Center and raise a family. Ellen’s compasionate nature and entrepeurial sprit has graced many businesses over the years but her most prized career has been raising her three adult children.  Her love for the ocean and all things related to the beach lifestyle has led to endless family memories. Taking inspiration from the Matriarch Betty, Ellen, and her daughter Olivia embarked on a mission to create a sustainable, fashion foward brand that embodies the seaside lifestyle they love. With this, Olive Surf was born.

Proud Parters with Ocean Co.

Extending an Olive Branch

Ocean Co.

We’re proud to announce our partnership with Ocean Co., a global movement dedicated to collecting 7 billion ocean-bound plastic bottles by 2025.

Through Ocean Co., we’ve committed to collecting 11 lbs of ocean-bound plastic, equivalent to 500 plastic water bottles, per item sold on Olive Surf's site.

Plastic is collected by locals from some of the worst affected coastal communities such as the Philippines, Brazil, Egypt, Ghana, India and Indonesia, who then exchange the plastic for money or receive digital credit to swap for tuition, tech goods, healthcare and micro-finance. This infrastructure is made possible with help from partners Plastic Bank, Plastics for Change and rePurpose who set up collection sites and ensure transactions to collectors are secure through traceable technology.